God tier homestuck quiz

By the creator of Homestuck and Hiveswap. Introducing the Extended Zodiacan updated astrological profile for an expanding world. Unlike the traditional zodiac, this system takes into account certain features of your personality and perspective, rather than simply the day you were born.

god tier homestuck quiz

By taking the test, you may determine which of the signs below is your True Sign. To find out what your True Sign is, take the test now. The Extended Zodiac is broken down into 12 color categories called Sign Classes, and each of those contain 24 unique signs.

In order to discover your True Sign, you must identify two additional qualities about yourself, which are unique to the Extended Zodiac. The first is your Lunar Sway, a designation which says things about your perspective on life. There are two possibilities for Lunar Sway. The second is your Aspect, the ruling force over your personal narrative. Think of it as the source of your power, the way you move through the world. There are twelve possible Aspects. Lunar Sway and Aspect are assigned based on character traits and tendencies, and in order to determine yours, you will need to take a couple of brief personality tests.

You will then be identified by one of the signs of the Extended Zodiac. Your True Sign will include a much more specific and personal astrological profile than your birth sign alone conveys.Random Quiz. Can you name the these questions about homestuck?

god tier homestuck quiz

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Homestuck Character Quiz: Which One Are You?

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Personification of Sadness and Misery. Consort of Theia. Mother of the Sun, the Moon and the Dawn. Daughter of the Sun. Void Denizens Nyx: Goddess of the Night Cetus: Monstrous Leviathon whale from greek myth that lived in deep oceans Poseidon: God the seven seas, the Ocean, rivers, floods, tsunamis, droughts and earthquakes. Heart Denizens Yaldabaoth: Demiurge of Gnostic origin.

Creator of this impure material world in contrast to the heavenly realm. He is the trapper of bits of that realm in this chaotic universe in the form of souls.

Sometimes also called Cadmean Vixen or Teumessian Fox. Atlas: Titan forced to carry the Sky upon his shoulders and hold it up. Chained to a Mountain whil and Eagle rips out his Flesh as punishment and then later given a Ring when set free. Woman with Snakes for Hair that turned onlookers to Stone.

Her Flesh and Blood were poison. The true pure holy creator of the heavenly realm and everything in it, the embodiment of the will of creation. Dahni Ask Submit. November 7, Edit Delete. This is really cool if you've always wondered what your God Tier would be if you were a Homestuck player. Find out for yourself! Heirs tend to be assisted by their class even at a low level, for instance through a helpful breeze or storm for a Breath player, or an inability to be seen by higher beings for a void player.

Heart players have a deep understanding of the self, and are said to have powers over the essence of being. Maids are often inclined to use their powers to help teammates, but are especially adept at directly benefitting themselves through their aspect. One could almost say they were… made of it. Time players have control over the flow of time and possess the ability to travel freely through it. As such, they are often crucial to their team's success, as they can revert any negative changes to their session.

The mindset of a Time player tends to be laid-back and willing to 'go with the flow', and they are often musically adept. Their Land is guaranteed to contain a large structure matching their time travel instrument that, when destroyed in a specific manner, restarts the entire session with slightly different circumstances.

Pages tend to be extremely weak and passive at the start of their journeys. However, they have incredible potential, and if they can survive long enough to reach god tier, their powers will make all others' pale in comparison. Breath players can manipulate the flow of wind. They tend to be very earnest heroes, though they benefit from helpful companions. We had this in the homestuck thread at one point. Space players can warp space at will, adjusting the size and momentum of objects.

They are absolutely essential for any session to be victorious, as they are responsible for the creation of the new universe. Larger version.

Lords are very rare, occurring in only a small fraction of games. They are the most active class, and possess incredible destructive power. While a benevolent Life player might heal companions or benefit from the powers of regeneration, a less friendly one could use their powers to shorten or even sever others' lifespans entirely.

Seriously, why the hell would I want that goddamn codpiece? It's a good hting god tiers can actually change their outfits…. I am pretty OK with breath. Ever considered life-draining attacks? You would destroy your enemies to heal your allies. VERY useful that way.

Homestuck Trivia Quizzes and Games

Also, lord? We should all be jelly. ALL of us. Das cool Page of Space. Thieves are possibly the most active of the normal classes. They have the ability to steal their aspect from others and use it directly for their own benefit.

Their more passive counterpart is the Rogue. Rouge Of Hope.Please familiarize yourself with the boxes below and pick the box which best represents you. CN1 -Rebellious against expectations or authority -Thrives when forced to stand alone -Easily perceived as "weird".

CN2 -Practical, open, and direct -Aggressively defends own self and others -Can really hold a grudge. CN3 -Enjoys knowledge, intellect, and history -Embraces responsibility -Rarely forges deep relationships. CN4 -Act first, think later -Often stirs up trouble, but still cares about people -Tendency to obsess over material wealth. CN5 -Deep love for computers -Never holds a grudge, no matter how badly wronged -Never refuses to help others with own talents. CN6 -Extremely loyal -Projects a tough persona -Proud but deeply insecure.

CN7 -Easygoing and friendly -Attracts very strange best friends -Has insecurities, but is good at hiding them. CN8 -High amount of passion and self-confidence -Rejects social norms -Likes to analyze people's actions with indifference.

CN9 -Eager to please and polite -Imaginative and loves to indulge in fantasy -Socially clueless or awkward. CN10 -Always wants to be in control -Spends a lot of time thinking about romance -Emotions surface in destructive ways. CN11 -Personality changes according to circumstance -Holds unconventional beliefs and displays them openly -Victim of a lot of inner turmoil.

CN12 -Naive and manipulated easily -Protects others even to the point of self-sacrifice -Kind-hearted, but often times irritable and overdramatic.Homestuck is a webcomic written, illustrated and animated completely by Andrew Hussie. It is the fourth webcomic published on MS Paint Adventures. The comic consists of a combination of static images, animated GIFs and instant message logs, as well as animations and games made with Flash.

It has been noted for its complex plot and considerable length; over 8, pages andwords. There are 12 God Tier aspects in Homestuck.

god tier homestuck quiz

Players achieve God Tier by gaining levels on their echeladder by winning against enemies, and then dying on their Quest Bed or Sacrificial Slab. Take this quiz to find out what your God Tier aspect is! The Mind aspect seems to be related to thoughts and decisions of individuals.

Terezi was able to see what decisions will be made, and the outcomes of such decisions with her Seer of Mind powers. Mind seems to be the antithesis of Heart, given that it is associated with logic and reasoning. Given that Heart is associated with emotions and intuition, it can be speculated to be the antithesis of Mind. Life players displayed the ability to heal teammates by repairing grievous wounds and have even been shown to be capable of resurrecting themselves.

The Imperial Condesce was able to extend lifespans, and it is shown that her pre-Scratch self, Meenah, is a Thief of Life.

Homestuck God Tier Quiz - Rev After Hours [Vinesauce]

If Doom is associated with death, then it may very well be the antithesis of Life. An alternative theory for Life is similar to the theory that Doom is associated with system rules and structure. As Doom may be associated with understanding the rules, Life may be associated with testing and subverting them.

god tier quiz

Life adapts to find a way to survive, and in the process, probes the extremes of possibility. If both theories are correct, Life would remain opposed to Doom as expected. It is likely, however, that Life is complimentary to Breath, just as Void is to Space. It has been almost stated outright by Calliope to be the antithesis of Light, and actually was stated to be so by Aranea. It is also interesting to note that the two known Heroes of Void have both used the Fistkind Strife Specibus. This makes sense, as the use of bare hands is essentially the lack of a weapon.

It is also worth noting that the Void symbol is the inverse of the Space symbol. As Light is associated with fortune, Hope seems to embody both its literal meaning and certain holy powers.

Jake, the Page of Hope, has not displayed any powers associated with his class yet, but the Prospitians considered him to be providing them with literal hope, so Hope is, at least, literal if not figurative.

Dirk mentioned that a Page class channeled through Hope was a formidable thing. The Blood aspect, like some others, has not yet been shown to have a literal or clear-cut meaning.

Karkat, the Knight of Blood, has a reputation among his friends for sympathy, and he is the only one of the trolls in Homestuck to never be on either side of a murder in the alpha timeline not counting when Jack kills his dreamself. The Rage aspect is most likely tied to the emotion of anger. Gamzee, the Bard of Rage, was able to enter a berserker mode, presumably by channeling his anger.

Doom could be related to death, an antithesis of Life. An alternative interpretation of Doom is judgment, or law. In fact, this is essentially the original definition of the word. The Doom aspect could, therefore, have some association with the rules that apply to things, such as Sburb sessions.

This fits in with the theme of an understanding of system rules and structure.Welcome to the new and improved Zules Homestuck Title Test!

This test was created by Zules Sylph of Hope and Grogert Mage of Timeand it will determine your Homestuck title in only 3 questions! In case you don't know, a Homestuck title is what all SBURB players are graced with that describe both their role in the game and the powers that come along with it. It is our belief that Homestuck titles are assigned based on an individual's external personality AND inner values, and our test reflects this belief.

What makes this test unique? As you can probably tell by the number of questions, the Zules Title Test cuts through the noise and gets straight to the point, asking the most essential questions directly, without bothering to add in needless, excess variables.

It is simple and direct, providing you with a clean, streamlined experience that will get you to your ideal title without any fuss. We truly hope you enjoy the test! And if you like it, be sure to read the FAQ provided at the end for more info.

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